L&L Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized at manufacturing CNC lathes in Taiwan for over 40 years. L&L manufactures conventional and CNC lathes to perform various process including turning, boring and milling. All machines could be customized to meet your demands. We are confident that L&L offers high quality machines for wide range industries such as petroleum industry, transportation industry, and mining industry. We have had long-term business cooperation relationships with worldwide customers for over 20 countries including the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, India, and Vietnam. L&L's provides professional technology and R & D department to produce precision CNC lathes and complete every customer's task. It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to offer our high quality machine and most competitive price to you.

Including CLA, CLB, CLB-B

CLA950X3000 - 14000mm
CLB950X3000 - 14000mm
CLB-BX3000 - 16000mm


  • Incorporates  the rigidity of flat bed lathe with the efficiency of the slant bed design
  • Steady rest and tailstock does not interfere with turret's movement

  • Multi-tasking machining capability

  • Heavy duty workpiece loading capacity

  • Mounting 20pcs ATC system can provide multi-tasking processing

  • Independent guide-way can provide strong support for sub spindle system

  • Have better performance on the milling

Including LL750, LL950, LL1250, LL1450, LL1650

LL series - LL750X3000 - 8000mm
                      LL950X3000 - 10000mm
                      LL1250X3000 - 16000mm
                      LL1450X3000 - 16000mm
                      LL1650X3000 - 16000mm
Including LC, LD, LS-C, LS-S, LS-U, LFS, LFM

LC series - Super rigid for heavy cutting design;triple V ways with one flat way
LC34X1100 - 8100mm
LC38X1100 - 8100mm
LD series - Super rigid for heavy cutting design;triple V ways with one flat way
LD45X1200 - 8200mm
LD48 - 8200mm
LS series -LS-C: Single Turret;LS-S: Single Turret & One Boring Bar;LS-U: Double Turret
LS-C 1000
LS-S38X1200 - 8200mm
LS-U38X1200 - 8200mm
LS-S48X1200 - 8200mm
LS-U48X1200 - 8200mm
LFS      -High Rigidity Roller Turning CNC Lathe
LFM    -High Rigidity Roller Turning CNC Lathe;Extremely rigid cutting; High motor loading 
LA series - LA30X1500 - 10000mm
                      LA34X1500 - 10000mm
                      LA38X1500 - 10000mm

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